Friday, November 16, 2012



I am a hopeless romantic so I collect items that give off feelings. I have always felt this way about my antiques. Somehow they speak to me either thru their form or their condition.  

 I have purchased, collected and sold may items over the past 45 years. My deepest passion reflects items of simplicity and so I love early country/primitive items with original surface and repairs.  There is a strength of character, of a life lived, of ingenuity in design and function. Something that worked 150/200 years ago and still works today and has only added character and strength thru its use.

 My collections range from:
Early Staffordshire, worked and painted mostly by children in 1800's England
All forms of early candle light, iron and wooden pieces with extreme functionality

 Early Treen with original surface. This is a big one for me because it ranges from bowls, trenchers, storage containers, wooden work tools. The list goes on and on because I always come across something that I haven't seen before. Just recently I found a treen meat board with little pieces of wooden picks that would hold the roast and the drippings and juices go into a trench around the perimeter. So cool--had to have it. All hand hewn.

 I know I can't take it with me and I don't want to. But I do enjoy it while I am here and can still experience the search, the people, and that ultimate high when you find something that speaks to you. Enjoy your treasure hunting and always be thankful!

Note: Joanne is a dealer at The 1800 House and we thank her for this post ! 

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  1. Oh my! Your collection is gorgeous! I love treasure hunting through antiques too. It is a total high. Happy Thanksgiving!