Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Note:Lori's home can be seen in the current edition
 of Country Sampler magazine !

Karen asked me about collections . . .  hmmmm where to start?  Does a “bear maker” collect teddy bears? You would think, and I have a few nice antique ones, as my heart has a very soft spot for old and worn toys, especially mohair ones and those on wheels.

 But, my main passions fall in the “pretty much everything antique” category!
They say if you have 3 of something, you have a collection . . . I have lots of 3’s & mores!
A grouping of “Face Jugs” or “Ugly Jugs” lines the fireplace mantle. They make me smile and I love those with words or sayings on the back such as one made by a descendant of a black slave potter, on the back it says “No more chains” . Those simple
words hold so much emotion.  Another says “The curse of the nosey is the truth” ! 

I have a penchant for blanket chests and all that they can hold, I especially love early painted finishes in warm colors. When I re-married 10 years ago we bought a home with more contemporary lines and 2 story room means we can stack those blanket chests right up the wall! 

Early step-back cupboards and pie safes catch my eye, and many rooms hold one or two, and yes, I consider cupboards something to collect! 
With my work I also love antique sewing items and textiles, including coverlets and quilts many of which are displayed throughout our home.

 Baskets hold unfinished projects footstools come in handy when stitching.
Finally the “quirk” factor comes into play  . . .  as in my “Foot” collection.

It started with a small carved wooden boot , before I knew it I had a collection and an antique sign to “boot” . . . pardon the pun!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the delights that surround our everyday life.  Bless my husband for his patience . . . He has come to appreciate (or tolerate) the “old stuff” . .  and yes, he has a room of his own - “wink” ! 
And thanks Karen for allowing me to share!

Lori Ann

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